I miss Newbattle…

“Ok guys: let’s go!”

I don’t know if a day I’ll listen again these sentences said by the staff, but I’ll remember them forever…

These two weeks have been fantastic, really amazing, better than I had hope.

Wonderful weeks in a wonderful place: Scotland.

Scotland is not a country as all the others: Scotland is magic! Scotland is unique! There isn’t a country like it.

I’ve spent two weeks in the Newbattle Abbey College: a wonderful castle built in the 11th century, near Edinburgh.

I’ve met a lot of people from all Europe, in particular from Russia, Italy (…), Spain, Basque Country, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Armenia and Romania, and I’ve enjoyed a lot with them. I’ll never forget anyone!


Edinburgh and Scotland are fantastic. I’ve visited the capital very well, and now I know its stories and its secrets. I’ve been in all the Royal Mile’s shops and I know where it’s better buy everything. The only thing I’ve not understood is how that Maghrebian (Claudio’s friend Animoticon) can be everywhere??

And fortunately, I’ve not learnt one thing: how to cross a road!!!

But we have been in best places of this city: we have been on the Arthur’s Seat (the highest hill of the city), at the Dynamic Earth (an interactive museum about our planet), through the Royal Mile and Princess Street (the Main road of Edinburgh), at the National Museum of Scotland (a free and huge museum about the Scotland and its history), at Loch Lomond (the largest fresh water loch in the UK), at Toy & Childhood Museum, at the People’s Story Museum, at the fantastic Edinburgh Castle, at Mary King’s Close (the frightening underground city), on Carlton Hill (a hill in Edinburgh on the whose top are the Parthenon, the Observatory and the Nelson Monument), at the Camera Obscura (a museum about optical illusions), at the Wallace Monument and at the Stirling Castle.


Thank you Scotland! I hope to come back!


But also in our college we have enjoyed. It’s impossible to forget the many football matches (included Italy vs Spain), the Disco Nights, the Scottish Dances evenings, the Scavenger and Treasure Hunts, and many others activities…


But this has been a joking holiday: how forgetting the cards games (included “cirulla”), my wonderful dances which have called everybody dancing with me, our songs (…), our stupid hats, my football matches as "Gigi" or "Cannavaro", our ping-pong matches, the never-ending Matteo’s lunches/breakfasts/dinners, the piano players (…), the lost baggage, the quarrels with “Mussolini”, “Mappamondo” and his pizzas, “Sciasciona”, "il cino", “Attenzione! Tutti a terra! Arrivano i Russi!! Che ci assediano!!”, “C’è un Russo che corre!! E c’è anche una russa che corre!!”, “Brian che bel uomo” (no comment…), “Equino” (again, no comment), the spanish parties, the rabbit hunts, the stupid photos, our stupid play, Jamie and his funny lessons, Karina, Ben, Jamie Simpson, IAN, Sophie Walker and all the Staff, kilts and skirts, the international Italian language and the famous Italian-Spanish language, … there are too many things!!

I miss you!!


Thank you, guys! Thank you for this wonderful holiday! Thank you for these two too short weeks…

I hope I’ll meet you again…

Bye all, and remember:

“On the pavement!!! Against the wall!!! Quickly!!!!! Be on time!! It’s unacceptable!, unbelievable!!”

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